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A large duplex property, provides ample space to accommodate all the WooNinjas.

Spacious Living

A spacious living area, where the WooNinjas can relax.

Cosy Lounge

The best place to watch the footy, or answer tickets on a rainy day.

Natural Vistas

What better view, than a natural sea view, directly from the Villa's patio?
Some of One Pagers unique features

What people think of Nomadrone

The WooVilla is the ultimate holiday destination, both for aspiring and seasoned WooNinjas. Put your feet up, answer some tickets and relax.

The WooVilla is easily the best place to stay when visiting Cape Town.

When visiting the WooVilla, my favourite place to be is on the patio, looking out at the view.

The WooVilla is kid-friendly, which makes it the ultimate holiday destination for the whole WooFamily to enjoy.

An Introduction to WooCommerce

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Testing Some Boxes

The WooFramework, then engine that powers all WooThemes themes, comes bundled with a bunch of useful shortcodes for displaying buttons, notices, sharing tools and more. Below we’re testing a few of the boxes, to showcase what they can do and how we use them.